social capital-297x300Vision Statement

“One Peninsula” – a compassionate community that understands and respects the needs of all, where collaboration among all community organizations throughout our greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsula communities is the norm.

Mission Statement

To meet the educational and vocational needs of the “One Peninsula” by centralizing access for and developing social and economic resources for the community as a whole so that needs are proactively identified, addressed and met, while building the next generation of community leaders and advocates.

Focus of the Social Capital Board

The Social Capital Board will work to develop key funds, such as the Community Visionary Fund, and build support for programs that improve and promote philanthropy and volunteerism, maximize opportunities for special populations, support public safety and healthy neighborhoods.


As a community foundation, helping to develop the social capital of our greater peninsula community is key. Social Capital refers to the organizations, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and of a community’s social interactions – and in turn the quality of life for all residents. Increasing evidence shows that social cohesion is critical for communities to prosper economically, and for their development to be sustainable. Social capital is not just the sum of the organizations that bring together a community – it is the fabric that holds them together.