PnE circleVision Statement

Connect educated, culturally aware communities of the peninsulas to protected and sustainable environments that encourage healthier lifestyles.

Mission Statement

Protect, preserve, and sustain environmental, cultural and personal health.

Focus of the Parks & Environment

To lead and develop needed programs, projects, grants, endowments and support for initiatives that improve our parks, trails and open space resources, promote environmental awareness and stewardship, and engage our greater peninsula communities in the protection of our natural resources.

Parks & Environment CAB
Eric Guenther, Co-Chair (PenMet Parks)
Rob Rigoni (Co-Chair)
Odette Alina (GGHF Curious by Nature School)
Toni Gillespie
Rick Gillespie
Ariel Gustanski
Julie Ann Gustanski (GGHF / Cider Swig Chair)
Karen Larson (GGHF EnviroCorps)
Lucinda Wingard (KGI Watershed)

Since 2006, the Foundation has provided over $1-million in support to parks, public open spaces and the environment. These vital resources provide our community areas for exercise and relaxation, essential habitat and wildlife corridors, air and groundwater recharge, biodiversity and ecological integrity, and a myriad of human and natural system benefits – as well as important reasons for citizens to invest in their community. Parks provide more than simply places to recreate and explore nature; parks can also offer a multitude of opportunities to engage in arts and music. A park can be a community focal point, a symbol of its vitality and character, adding to its overall health, well-being and quality of life.
Conserving land for people where they live, work and play is one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to achieving a host of environmental health and related public policy objectives.