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Founded in 1993 by area artists, the Greater Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour (OST) has witnessed the participation of more than 130 artists who have annually opened their studios to at least 22,000 visitors over the past 25 years. OST became a program of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation in 2013.

2018 Tour

Sept. 14, 15 & 16 - 10am  to 5pm

33 Artists in 23 Studios

Visitors will have a rare glimpse into the lives of artists who live and work in Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, Fox Island, and South Kitsap.  They will learn how each one uses paint, ink, metal, wood, clay, and stone. Beautiful whimsical objects of fiber, glass. and found objects, will stimulate, the imagination.

As always, the self-guided Tour is FREE! 

Download 2018 Open Studio Tour Map

QUESTIONS?  Call or emailBrad Stave, OST President (206) 910-5459 bstave@comcast.net 



Following consideration of the overarching mission of the Foundation to, among other things, “… work collaboratively to build, bridge and enrich the greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula region…” and the focus of the Arts & Culture CAB  to “… establish essential support and resources for individuals, initiatives and organizations that strengthen the presence of the arts, make the arts more accessible for everyone, and enhance the understanding of all types of arts and humanities across our peninsula communities.”

Under the GGHF umbrella, OST has had the opportunity to evolve toward its vision and continue bringing an intimate and diverse cultural experience to the community, free of charge.  

The mission of the OST project is to

  • provide a free educational experience for the greater Gig Harbor community and visitors by inviting the public to experience art live in the studios and workshops of area artists;
  • create a greater awareness and appreciation of the diversity and quality of local arts among the public, and;
  • create connections and foster collaboration between local artists, residents, schools and businesses, and contribute to the economic vitality of our greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula communities.

Artists interpret the world around them, often seeing commonplace objects from another dimension, giving weigh to offering onlookers an introduction to problem solving. Watching an artist in action, understanding the processes involved to produce a work in a particular medium may inspire the visitor to try their hand at the creative process.

The arts generate significant social and economic returns that strengthen our communities in numerous ways. According to a 2002, Princeton University study that examined the economic, social, and cultural effects that a strong arts community brings to the citizenry at large, they found among other things that participation in community art events such as an “open studio tour”

  • increases opportunities for enjoyment and relieves stress
  • increases cultural capital, and enhances visio-spatial reasoning (Mozart effect)
  • enhances local economies by bringing people, especially tourists and visitors into a community, which in turn brings direct and indirect effects, such as increased sales revenues to city, county and state governments.
  • helps to build community identity and pride, leading to positive community norms, such as diversity, tolerance and free expression.

Through the OST Project, all can join in helping to support the arts in our greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula community.

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