Since 2006, the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation (formerly PenMet Foundation) has existed to help make our greater peninsula community a healthy, vibrant and compassionate place to live. We do this by raising funds, advocating for, and providing support to a variety of community projects, programs, and organizations that support you—our neighbors and families—in dozens of different ways.

Over the past eight years the Foundation’s all-volunteer Board of Directors, Core Area Boards, and project leaders have committed over 17,000 hours of service leading to some $4M in assets for an array of community projects and initiatives that have positively impacted our community. In 2014, across the organization, volunteers contributed about 4,700 hours of professional service with an economic value of $224,400 to our community.

We bring people and neighborhoods together from across our Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas to work as ONE toward common goals that improve the quality of life across our greater peninsula community. Over the past year, your community’s foundation made substantial strides to deepen this commitment in several important ways, including those below: Click the caption or arrows to the right to learn more!

I support our ONE Community!