rsz 2019 0502 gghf masterplan with text reduced


The generosity of a few visionary citizens has afforded our community a matchless opportunity to develop a much-needed forever home that will serve as headquarters for the community foundation and CBNS, its nature-based school. Situated on six acres of a larger 32-acre property in the Artondale area of the Gig Harbor peninsula – known locally as the “Graham Ranch” after the family that resided there for more than 60 years – the Community Campus, opens an array of possibilities that will enable the GGHF to better meet community needs and deliver services across its diverse programs. Additionally, the Community Campus will offer the community an exceptional outdoor learning space.

The Community Campus site includes existing residences, a garage/barn and carport area that will be transformed and repurposed to provide office areas, meeting space, and educational/classroom spaces for environment-based educational programs, summer camps and research. The structures will be repaired and renovated as required by current Pierce County code requirements. Aligned with mission and programs of the GGHF, native vegetation and habitat areas will be restored, and the small orchard on the property will be rehabilitated. Through the Community Campus, the GGHF intends to improve the property overall, which for decades was used for a variety business including logging, trucking, excavating, agriculture (livestock grazing), and truck/large machinery repair.

Beyond restoration of the properties biological functioning, the Community Campus will be an inimitable model community resource. The Community Campus embodies our values.


The Community Campus will:

  • Provide a permanent home for our community’s foundation and its programs, projects, and allfuture initiatives – a home where we can convene, collaborate and grow.

  • Offer diverse opportunities to host experiential educational programs that bring our communitytogether - from explorations of local flora and fauna to immersive experiences with art and science.

  • Expand opportunities for programmatic growth for CBNS, which provides a unique nature-basededucational program. Beyond developing critical skills that support children’s long-termacademic success and whole-child development, the program fosters environmental awareness,community engagement, and social justice.

  • Create stability that will help GGHF continue to deliver the highest, most sustainable level of service.

  • Be a shared space that will foster, and fuel partnerships rooted in mutual interests, trust andrespect, enriched by diversity and focused on positive and lasting impact in our greaterpeninsula community.

  • Promote environmental health, stewardship, conservation, and awareness.

  • Support opportunities for volunteering, engagement and authentic community partnerships.

  • Enable the EnviroCorps program to expand its educational outreach and improve access tomeaningful environmentally focused workshops and programs, benefitting people of all ages.

  • Empower collaboration and present a dynamic environment for the development of innovativeideas, new strategies and solutions to address our community’s changing needs and mostpressing challenges.Shown below is the concept plan, indicating the location and repurposed use of the two existing homesand garage/barn/carport areas.