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Through your generosity, the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation is changing lives in our community.

How would it make you feel to know that - because of you - thousands in our community will not go hungry and will be looking forward to the New Year with hope? Or, that hundreds of local youth will get the chance to experience early learning programs, or to participate in area sports and recreation programs - regardless of their family's ability to pay? Or, that you inspired just one young person to become a painter, a scientist, a teacher? How would it make you feel, knowing that you can help change the world?

GGHF is your community's foundation. We exist to serve our community - to provide resources, support, and yes - even hope.

Since 2006, your support has allowed us to leverage resources, enabling GGHF to provide over $8 million in community-centered assets, services and opportunities! We hope you will consider the Foundation and continue to come together as ONE COMMUNITY, by joining us, as we work to improve all lives across our greater peninsula community.


We ask you for your support of ONE COMMUNITY with ONE check

Your tax-deductible gift to the ONE COMMUNITY appeal is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities, and it enables GGHF to continue work on your behalf as a convener and a vital change-maker in our community.

Whatever you can contribute will make an impact.

Whether it's $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000, your gift can make all the difference in imaging and creating solutions, and in making positive impacts that will enrich our community for generations. Every donation makes a difference.

Ways to give back to your community: 

  1. Text 'GIVEONE' to 44-321
  2. Donate Here


Are there other ways I can help my community? YES!

Share and Inspire Others - Let your family and friends know that you’ve donated to your community foundation to inspire others during this giving season.

Give of your time and talents – Volunteers are the absolute heart and soul of our community foundation. Annually, GGHF hosts several events (e.g. Students of Distinction, Cider Swig, #Community Harvest, The Green Gig, The Big Sports Gig, etc.) that work to raise funds for community initiatives, projects, programs, grants, and more. And, we support events held by other area organizations (e.g., Dragon Boat Races, Maritime Gig Festival, Street Scramble, Food Truck Feast, etc.).

From service on the Board of Directors or a Core Area Board to events and service projects, there’s a place for you!

Give a call (253) 514-6338 or send an email today volunteeropps@gigharborfoundation.org to learn more.