HeritageFund coverInvest in a better future for your community, friends and family.

Tomorrow’s Good Starts TODAY.
The Heritage Fund is your opportunity to be part of something lasting. As an endowed fund, gifts are pooled together, invested and managed to ensure that contributions continue to give, year after year. Your investment becomes an endowment; a legacy of giving that goes on forever. Make sure your legacy supports what means the most to you. 

How You Can Make a Difference
The Foundation offers a simple, collaborative and enduring means to support your community and charitable organizations. There are several ways that you can make a difference today and for years to come.

The Foundation serves as a vehicle to carry out donor’s charitable objectives and offers distinct advantages.

  • MaximizedTax Deductions. By giving through the Foundation, you can deduct the maximum value in the year of your gift, while the earnings from your donations are distributed over time.
  • FinanciallySoundSolutions. We invest and grow your charitable dollars to leverage your giving in perpetuity.
  • GreaterUnderstandingOfCommunityIssues. We offer extensive knowledge on community needs and organizations to help you make informed giving decisions.
  • APersonalizedApproach. We provide personalized philanthropic and administrative services, to guarantee that your giving is distributed according to your intent.
  • AnEffectiveAlternativeToAPrivateFoundation.Our giving options provide you the ability to grow your charitable assets while eliminating the administrative burden and cost of a private foundation.

Whether it’s the arts, culture, education, parks, environment, sport, or almost any cause that interests you, the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation enables you to support any aspect of your community.

Through the Heritage Fund you can

  • help a cause that matters most to you for generations to come,
  • make a lasting contribution to your community,
  • give for impact and the long-term,
  • teach your values to your children, and take advantage of the tax benefits.

The Foundation is here to help you. We share your passion for making a difference and want to be your partner in building a stronger, more vibrant community.  Join donors inspired make a difference.

Leaving A Heritage
Your heritage is a reflection of your life and values. By including a gift to the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation in your will or living trust, you ensure that your support for the community continues for generations to come and inspires others to give. Planning your legacy now will help create the foundation for a healthy, vibrant future for our community. And, you’ll see first-hand the difference your support will make.

Do I Need to Be Rich to Make a Difference?
Absolutely not! For example, let’s say you currently contribute $200 yearly to the ONE Community Annual Campaign – a gift of $6,000 in your will would perpetuate that gift. The table below demonstrates what your gift would generate each year for the Foundation. 

Your Bequest Annual Benefit
$6,000 $200
$15,000 $500
$60,000 $2,000

Simplicity Permanence Flexibility; Your Heritage Fund gift will continue to provide benefits in perpetuity to meet your charitable giving intent. A variety of assets can be used to make your Heritage Fund gift. Donate today

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