Our Mission

We work collaboratively to build, bridge and enrich the greater Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula region by raising funding, advocating for and providing support to help meet diverse community needs in five core areas essential to sustaining vibrant healthy communities across our peninsulas.


Our Vision

An engaged community working together to enhance the lives of all residents in our the greater peninsula communities—today and for future generations—by building philanthropic assets, connecting resources with needs, and providing leadership on key community issues and opportunities.

GGHF works to achieve these goals by:

  • Collaborating with community partners to provide services and raise support for our five core areas.
  • Providing a “seed house” to area groups or organizations whose missions serve one or more of the Foundation’s five core areas. GGHF Curious by Nature School, is a one-of-a-kind nature-based early childhood program, and the first “seed” organization under our 501c3 umbrella.
  • Offering a fiduciary umbrella for community-based projects and programs that meet identified areas of need or fill asset gaps within our five core areas.
  • Supporting community parks, trails and recreation spaces by collaborating with local agencies and providing resources for land acquisition, capital improvements, conservation, and other park-based projects and programs.
  • Working with public agencies and private individuals to broker various transactions to help meet community needs including land acquisition for parks, trails, open space, conservation, and recreational facilities for use as public parkland or for habitat and/or cultural resource preservation.
  • Advocating for community-based parks, green spaces, recreation, schools, social programs, and quality arts and cultural facilities throughout the communities of our greater peninsulas.