Vision Statementrec

Collaboration between recreational groups through enhanced communication and leveraging of resources to create a healthier community for all ages.

Mission Statement

To create and sustain a resource hub that will foster opportunities and assist recreational entities with education, coordination, funding, communication and training.

2016 Committee Members

  • Ric Hallock, Chair
  • Sandra Kern, Secretary
  • Julie Ann Gustanski
  • Gretchen Hayes 
  • Missy Hill 
  • Steve Triller 


Focus of the Recreation CAB

The Recreation Core Area Board (CAB) works to expand collaboration and leverage resources across recreational organizations, develop matching funds, grants, endowments and other initiatives for eligible youth, adults and seniors to participate in recreational programs and classes that foster human development and promote health and wellness, and for equipment and facilities essential to sustain such programs across our greater peninsula communities.


GGHF provides support to community-based recreation facilities for organized sports, concerts and other community events, and sanctuaries for quiet relaxation and the preservation and enjoyment of nature—recreation activities enhance the quality of life in our community on a daily basis.

Our community’s recreation resources include public and private structures and facilities, parks, open land, water and green spaces. Successful communities also have recreation venues that are often used for other activities, such as concert and theatrical performances, tourism, community cultural, educational and social activities, and family or neighborhood gatherings. Working together to serve the needs of the “One Peninsula” community the GGHF Recreation Board will work across agencies and organizations to identify and find ways to help meet the broad recreational needs of our community.

Community Recreation Scholarship Fund

Local youth sports and recreation organizations looking to help disadvantaged kids participate in their programs now have an opportunity to receive financial assistance through the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation’s Community Recreation Scholarship Fund.

In March 2014, the Foundation’s Recreation Core Area Board (CAB) hosted the inaugural The Big Sports Gig —featuring former Seattle Mariners pitcher Brian Holman, former Seattle Sounders forward Roger Levesque, and current Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak team head coach Alan Anderson as guest speakers at the dinner and auction event.

Through The Big Sports Gig, the Recreation CAB met its goal to raise $10,000 in its first year, to develop a community fund dedicated to helping kids participate in local sports who are otherwise financially unable to do so.

All non-profit youth sports/recreation organizations operating programs in the greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas are eligible to receive funds.

In the first year, grants up to $1,500 will be awarded on an as-needed basis.
To be eligible for consideration a letter of inquiry (LOI) form must be completed and submitted to the Recreation CAB. Downloadable PDF, see the link to the document below.

To learn more about the Community Recreation Scholarship Fund, please contact the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation at (253) 514-6338 or email Ric Hallock, GGHF Recreation CAB chair, at
All LOI submissions will be reviewed shortly after receipt. Viable applicants will be contacted and more information may be requested
All submissions should be addressed to:
Ric Hallock, Rec CAB Chair
 Greater Gig Harbor Foundation
 7191 Wagner Way, Suite 102, 
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Electronic submissions are encouraged, and should be emailed to:

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