• What is the Heritage Fund? +

    The Heritage Fund, established by the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation, will provide a permanent source of funds for our community. The fund endowment allows us a way to give back to our community for the exceptional opportunities and quality of life the greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas provide. The needs of the most unfortunate among us are great – at times overpowering. Through the Heritage Endowment Fund, we can make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.

  • How are the funds of the Foundation invested? +

    The Greater Gig Harbor Foundation funds are professionally managed for long term growth in accordance with a Board approved investment policy.

  • Are donations to the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation tax deductible? +

    Yes, a distinct provision, unique to IRC Section 501(c)(3) organizations is the tax deductibility of donations. As a qualified public charity, donations to the fund are completely tax deductible.

  • How are grants distributed from the Heritage Fund? +

    Only income after fund expenses qualifies for distribution. The Board of Directors requests applications for grants annually. Applications are evaluated under the criteria set by the Board. In general, the funds granted must benefit the citizens of the greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas region for a social, civic or educational benefit, make an important impact on the recipient organization and provide funding not otherwise available to the recipients.

  • May donations to the Foundation be restricted? +

    Yes, the Foundation will manage specific endowments as directed by the donor to the extent the directions are consistent with established criteria for grants.

  • Is assistance available for estate planning? +

    Yes, professional advice is available at no cost from Foundation volunteer advisors. Donors are advised to seek independent professionals for their tax, legal and accounting decisions.

  • Where can I get more information? +

    Please direct your inquiries to heritagefund@gigharborfoundation.org or call (253) 514-6338

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