joanna-PHOTO-16281 212x213JoAnna is new to Gig Harbor. She and her husband had been residing in Cle Elum where their business, Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company’s roastery is located. Growing up in North Bend, JoAnna knows what rain is. Oh and wind, she can thank Ellensburg, Central Washington University, for that one. While attending college for a business degree with a minor in psychology, JoAnna met her husband, Chris and fell in love with him – and the coffee business.

For the last ten years as an entrepreneur, JoAnna has worked applying her skills in business accounting, market/product development and personnel management, to growing the wholesale and retail divisions of Pioneer Coffee Roasting Co.

Running the company, now employing nearly two-dozen, is a large part of her life, but the passion for her children is number one.

JoAnna has two toddler boys, one of which is in the preschool class at Curious by Nature and the other is soon to follow. The motivation for the move was to be closer to family and for the beauty and recreation the Gig Harbor area offers.”Water”, “Swimming” and “Boat” are very common words heard in the Madsen household.

Though the high school days of throwing a javelin or discus, serving up a volleyball or singing a sweet tune in choir are long gone, the love of sports and the outdoors remains. Other hobbies include sailing, traveling, hiking, modeling, spending time with good company, having a great meal, or a gourmet cup of coffee!

JoAnna says, “The move to Gig Harbor has been such blessing for our family, and I am very excited to be a part of GGHF Curios by Nature School”.