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We work to strengthen our greater Gig Harbor and Key peninsulas community through collaborative engagement to build, bridge and enrich the region by raising funding, advocating for and providing support to help meet diverse needs in five core areas - arts and culture, education, environment, recreation and social capital - all essential to supporting vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities.

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If you are a hardworker, looking to best use your volunteer time we have just the project for you.

  1. Login or Register on the site.
  2. Click on Find Projects.
  3. In the Search field type in the zipcode, or street name, or any other detail.
  4. Select a Category from the following (optional).
  5. Select a Required Skill (optional).
  6. Select a Personal Interest (optional).
  7. Hit the Search button.
  8. Browse the project details in the search results by clicking on the project name.
  9. When you find a project you would like to volunteer for select "Volunteer for this Project".
  10. When you work on a project you have volunteered for:
    1. Click on Report in the main menu
    2. Select the project you are reporting on (You can only report on projects that you have volunteered for).
    3. Select date / Milage / Bags collected / and hours worked
    4. Submit
  11. This website is designed for Mobile and full browser use so you can report on site.
  12. You may also add comments to a project in the comments window at the bottom of the project detail.